Do I need tooth cap services to restore my smile?

Dental Crown Specialist in Mississauga Area

At Huron Dental Centre, Dr. Jameela Jifri and her associates in Mississauga, Ontario, ensure patients can restore their smile after trauma, decay, or disease. Teeth that have been negatively impacted can be fixed with a dental crown, also known as a “tooth cap.” With years of experience, our dental crown specialist can determine if you might benefit from a cap over a single tooth or if alternative options are better suited for your unique situation. What is a dental crown? A dental crown essentially “caps” over a natural tooth to offer strength and protection on a tooth that has lost … Continue reading

Dentist for dental crown replacement

Dentist for Crown Replacement Mississauga ON

Dental crowns are a common dental restoration used in many offices, including Huron Dental Centre of Mississauga, Ontario. Dr. Jameela Jifri and her associates are pleased to assist patients who may benefit from the fabrication and placement of a dental crown and provide services for crown replacement. Visiting the dentist with a chipped, broken, or loose dental crown allows our team to care for your smile and offer the repairs needed to improve your smile’s function, health, and appearance. The process of repairing dental crowns Dental crowns that are broken cannot usually be repaired, and instead, a dentist may remove … Continue reading

Repair your smile with teeth crowns service in Mississauga

Teeth Crowns Service at Huron Dental Centre in Mississauga Area

Your body can regenerate skin, heal broken bones, and regrow hairs and fingernails. Unfortunately, it can’t repair or replace your teeth. Once your tooth is damaged or decayed, you’ll have to search for “a dentist near me” to help. Huron Dental Centre offers teeth crowns service for patients in the Mississauga area to preserve their teeth and improve their smile. Beautiful restorations Dental crowns are fabricated from porcelain or zirconia, and they can be used to preserve a tooth that’s damaged by decay. They can also provide support for cracked or chipped teeth to prevent further damage. Dental crowns may … Continue reading