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Just as with an auto mechanic, accountant, or physician, the more information your dentist has and the more clearly it can be communicated to you, the better you understand options. That is the philosophy with which Dr. Jameela Jifri and her associates in Mississauga – approach examination, evaluation, and treatment planning, aided by current dental technology.

Digital x-rays

Dental radiographs are two-dimensional images of your teeth, restorations, gums, and boney structures of the mouth. The dentist uses them to identify and evaluate the extent of conditions such as tooth decay, impacted teeth, and dental trauma.

This diagnostic tool is essential for early detection of dental problems, when they may be treated with the least discomfort, inconvenience, and expenses. Our dentists use digital radiography. It is quick, painless, produces clear images, and reduces patient exposure to radiation by as much as 90 percent compared to conventional methods.

We may recommend digital x-rays:

  • When you become a new patient.
  • Once a year, as part of your regular preventive and hygiene strategy.
  • More frequently if treating or monitoring a dental problem.
  • During a child’s oral development, to determine if extraction of baby teeth will be beneficial to emerging adult teeth.
  • To evaluate severity of periodontal disease.
  • As part of the planning process for dental implants and bone grafting.

Dentist with x-ray on tablet pc and patient girl

Intraoral camera

This instrument is about the size of a pen, so it fits into the mouth comfortably. The tiny video camera has its own light source and zoom, providing a panoramic “tour” of the inside of the mouth. Still images can be isolated, enlarged, and enhanced for closer inspection.

Communication, education, collaboration

These dental technologies allow you to become an active participant in treatment planning. Together, you and the dentist view the images on a computer monitor for understanding of the situation and to make informed treatment decisions. Where necessary (with your permission and secure measures), image files can be shared with your other healthcare providers.

Contemporary dental care with current technology is as close as a call to Huron Dental Centre in Mississauga at 855 393-0900

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