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Dental hygiene treatment keeps Mississauga smiles healthy

Given the choice, most people would prefer an attractive smile and fresh breath. Those traits give us confidence and make our company more pleasant to others. The dentists and hygienists at Huron Dental Centre in Mississauga encourage regular dental hygiene visits for patients of all ages, for oral health and bright smiles.

Why hygiene appointments are important

Oral problems are no fun! They cause discomfort, and you end up in the dental chair for treatment that can be extensive and costly. The good news is that most dental problems can be prevented or caught early with a program of home hygiene and regular dental visits.

A routine hygiene appointment at Huron Dental Centre involves:

  • Thorough cleaning – The hygienist uses instruments designed to gently scrape and polish away deposits that leave the smile dingy and contribute to dental disease. Most people love the smooth fresh feel, after a cleaning.
  • Q & A – These visits are excellent opportunities to seek the advice of professionals. Our hygienists are happy to provide hands-on guidance in proper use of a toothbrush, dental floss, an inter-dental brush (which can be an alternative to flossing), a water flosser, and other dental products for home use. Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind – including about fresh breath treatment options.
  • Comprehensive checkup – After your cleaning, one of our dentists carefully evaluates the condition of your oral soft tissues, teeth, dental restorations, and bite. With prompt detection, problems in any of these areas can be treated more efficiently and economically.

Flossing Time

Long-term benefit

Sparkling teeth and vital pink gums improve the look of your entire face. Regular dental care makes good financial sense, too. It significantly reduces risk of tooth decay and gum disease, the most common dental issues. The cost of a single filling, crown, extraction, or gum disease treatment, combined with travel and missed time from work, easily exceed the expense of preventive care.

Dr. Jameela Jifri & Associates want to help you show off your best smile. Call 855 393-0900 in Mississauga to schedule a dental hygiene appointment.

Huron Dental Center
Actually Dentist is the last person I liked to visit…..However as part of my normal medical check up, I visited Dr. Jameela’s Clinic in April for check up and cleaning. The clinic’s ambience, Staff and Dr. Jameela found to be highly professional and caring. The visit infact helped me to prevent from getting into serious dental problems….I would like to thank Dr. Jameela and Sri-Laxhmi (the Hygienist) for offering me the best treatment and advises to maintain the dental health. I strongly recommend anyone looks for the best Dentist to visit Dr. Jameela Jifri’s Dental Clinic in Mississauga.
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