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Dentures fit comfortably with personalized treatment in Mississauga, ON

full mouth denture treatment

Most of us take simple acts such as smiling, speaking, and eating for granted. Yet, without teeth, day-to-day life can be challenging. Dentures that fit well and look natural can make a big change in quality of life. Dr. Jameela Jifri encourages anyone in the Mississauga, ON area with no teeth, teeth that need to be extracted, or unsatisfactory dentures to contact Huron Dental Centre for a FREE denture treatment consultation.

Important facts about denture fit

Well-fitting dentures do more than replace teeth. They:

  • Supplement hard tissues. Without natural teeth, jawbone diminishes causing the face to take on a sunken appearance. The nose pulls closer to the chin as the lower third of the face collapses. Dentures augment the bony ridge, restoring more natural proportions.
  • Support soft tissues. With no teeth or with dentures that have small teeth, lips thin and curl inward. Corners of the mouth draw downward making you look stern or angry.
  • Encourage facial muscles to strengthen, holding dentures in place and contributing to more youthful appearance.
  • Minimize gagging and excess salivation. These problems are generally caused by dentures that are too large or loose, coming into contact with the back of the throat and base of the tongue.
  • Contribute to a healthy mouth, free of sores and infections.
  • Let you eat a nutritious diet with few restrictions.
  • Boost self-confidence when you know you look good and speak clearly.

Find full mouth denture treatment in Mississauga, ON

Dr. Jifri genuinely enjoys helping patients discover the benefits of full mouth restoration with dentures. In her care, you can expect an unhurried, multi-visit process. It begins with a no-cost consultation to explain denture options and answer your questions.

Your oral health is evaluated, and impressions are taken. Tooth length and jaw relationship is determined to establish ideal bite without clicking or discomfort. A wax “try-in” model lets you test drive your new smile, while adjustments can still be made. When your final dentures arrive from the lab, you can have confidence that they will feel and look good.

Call 855 393-0900 to start your denture treatment at Huron Dental Centre in Mississauga, ON.

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