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Partial denture services rebuild a natural looking, healthy smile in Mississauga ON

Dr. Jameela Jifri and the Huron Dental Centre offer many ways to rebuild oral health and beautiful smiles

When you hear the word dentures do you think of Granny’s false teeth, soaking in a cup? Recall relatives securing dentures with adhesive, or getting adjustments to keep them in place (and comfortable)? Dentures by Dr. Jameela Jifri and the Huron Dental Centre look and feel no different from healthy, natural teeth and gums. Dr. Jifri and her associates offer many types of dentures designed with each patient’s unique characteristics in mind, from lifestyle habits to budget.

You may not need a complete denture – options for patients missing all their upper and/or lower teeth. If you have at least one natural, healthy tooth in the upper or lower jaw, you may benefit from partial denture services in Mississauga ON.

The situation: You aren’t a candidate for a bridge.

When a patient has lost (or will lose) one or some of his or her teeth, the dental bridge procedure is often recommended. It’s not suitable for everybody, because the replacement tooth relies on surrounding teeth for strength. The new lab-made tooth is fused to crowns, which are cemented to neighboring teeth as a single piece. But what if you don’t have a healthy tooth on each side of your gap?

Partial dentures to the rescue!

Partials are designed to replicate missing teeth. These artificial teeth sit on top of a base that recreates gum tissue. The artificial teeth and gums are connected to a metal framework. They’re stabilized in your mouth with attachments or clasps that connect to your natural teeth. The partial may be removed and reinserted for cleaning or before going to bed.

  • There is a transition period. It’s normal for a partial to feel a little heavy or awkward at first. This passes with wear and practice. Removing and inserting a denture gets easier with time.
  • Proper fit comes first; comfort and healthy function follows. Your dentist adjusts dentures as needed if you have sore spots.
  • Start small. Chew small pieces of soft food. Work your way up to sticky or hard food.
  • We’ll advise you on proper denture cleaners, brushes, and techniques to retain the shape and extend the life of your partial.

Some patients avoid the soaking and maintenance entirely by choosing fixed or implant-retained dentures instead. What is the best option for you? Call 855 393-0900 to schedule your consultation.


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