Off-the-shelf or custom mouthguards for sports, explained by Mississauga, ON dentist

Up to 39% of dental injuries are the result of accidents or contact on the rink, field, court, or pitch, according to JADA (the Journal of the American Dental Association). Many of these injuries could be prevented with the right mouthguards for sports in Mississauga, ON at the Huron Dental Centre. When we say “right” mouthguard, you have a choice when it comes to the type of dental appliance to protect and cushion your or your child’s teeth, gums, and mouth from injury. We congratulate you on taking this important step toward protecting and preserving your oral health and want to assure you are well-informed of your options. So, you can make the most out of this investment.

Mouthguards for Sports Mississauga at Huron Dental Centre in Mississauga Ontario Area

Mass-produced mouthguards

The appeal of these appliances is cost and, to a lesser degree, accessibility. “Stock” mouthguards can be purchased online or at the store and worn off the shelf. “Boil and bite” mouthguards can be softened and shaped to fit the contours of your mouth. Since these options either have a universal fit or are not expertly crafted to your specifications, they tend to be bulky and uncomfortable. They may even interfere with your breathing, which affects your athletic performance, endurance, and the pleasure you get from the sport. These appliances often stay “on the shelf,” because they are a pain to wear. A mouthguard that does not get worn cannot “do its job” and protect your mouth.

Custom mouthguards

The most effective (and comfortable) way to protect your mouth from sports-related injuries is mouthguards that are designed just for you. Dr. Jameela Jifri bases the design of the guard on an impression of your mouth. This impression is a model of your teeth and gums, which guides the fabrication of your durable, precision-fit mouthguard. Since they are made to you or your child, custom mouthguards are comfortable, do not interfere with respiration, and actually get worn. Since they fit so precisely, they are also able to optimally protect tissues that are vulnerable to damage.

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A fantastic value

Custom mouthguards are as tough as your student-athlete. They are built to last. As your child’s mouth evolves and with the passage of time and regular use, Dr. Jifri will check that the mouthguard is in good working order. She will adjust as needed during recall visits. She can also advise on proper care to prevent warping and continue to extend the life of the appliance. This resiliency, and custom mouthguard’s ability to prevent costly and traumatic injuries, makes this service a great investment in you or your child’s smile.

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