What happens during root canal therapy, and is it painful?

It is important to seek dental care as soon as possible if you experience tooth pain, sensitivity, swelling, or other persistent oral health issues. This is because many conditions that present with these problems can be addressed in their earliest stages and successfully intervened. With prompt diagnosis and treatment, our dentists at Huron Dental Centre of Mississauga, Ontario, can help protect your smile and provide long-lasting relief. This may be achieved by performing specific procedures, such as root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is a wonderful way to avoid extracting a tooth with significant damage or an infection. Continue reading to learn more about this procedure and what can be done.

Is A Root Canal Painful in Mississauga ON Area

What is the root canal procedure?

A root canal procedure is a dental treatment used to repair and save a tooth infected or severely damaged by decay. It may be referred to as root canal therapy or even endodontic therapy and is performed by a trained and experienced professional such as our dentists at Huron Dental Centre.

Is a root canal treatment painful?

Many patients have concerns about their comfort before, during, and after root canal therapy. In most situations, patients come to Huron Dental Centre in pain, looking for a solution. Endodontic treatment may be recommended. The procedure is performed with proper sedation and local anesthetics to ensure there is no pain as our team provides the treatment. We work hard to ensure that patients are comfortable throughout their dental treatments and can talk to you about what you can expect from start to finish!

What happens during root canal therapy?

During the procedure, the diseased pulp, which is the soft inner tissue of a tooth, is removed, and the inside area of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. In many cases, we will also fabricate and place a dental crown over the treated tooth to protect it from damage, as teeth can become weak and brittle after root canal therapy.

Root canals are usually performed when an infection has spread to the root of a tooth, causing severe pain in some cases. The process involves removing any decay from the main canal, cleaning out bacteria and damaged tissue, filling in any gaps with special material, and sealing off the tooth again. After a successful root canal procedure, patients typically experience relief from their initial symptoms, such as pain or sensitivity. Additionally, this can help prevent further damage to your teeth or other parts of your mouth.

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Root canal therapy is a standard and safe procedure that can save your natural teeth from needing to be extracted. Get in touch with our team at Huron Dental Centre of Mississauga, ON, today if you are experiencing any signs or symptoms that may require root canal treatment so we can evaluate the best course of action for you! Call 855 393-0900 to request an appointment at our office at 2000 Credit Valley Road, Unit #102.

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