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Maintaining good oral health is essential to the overall wellness of children. Good dental care is essential to the healthy development of a child’s mouth. At Huron Dental Centre, we love working with children near Brampton, ON to teach them how to properly care for their teeth and gums and develop the habits necessary to promote oral health for life. By providing comprehensive dental care for children and focusing on prevention and education, we hope to help your children learn the importance of taking care of their mouth.

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Children’s Dentistry – The First Visit

We encourage you to bring your child to the dentist for his or her first visit as soon as teeth start to emerge or by their first birthday, whichever occurs first. The first visit is all about making your child feel comfortable at the dentist’s office and working with parents on the proper care of baby teeth. We will perform a thorough evaluation of your child’s mouth, looking closely for any signs of decay and will discuss what to expect as more teeth begin to emerge. If we do discover decay in the primary teeth, we will discuss treatment options to restore your child’s oral health.

Children’s Dentistry – Routine Ongoing Care

As your child grows and more teeth emerge, it’s important to start bringing them in for twice-yearly dental visits. During these visits, we will perform a dental examination and professional cleaning to remove any plaque or tartar buildup. We’ll continue to look for signs of decay or cavities and recommend treatment options if either is discovered. During these visits, we will also continue to work with your child on proper brushing and flossing techniques, recommendations for healthy eating, and other lifestyle habits that can impact oral health such as thumb sucking and transitioning from a bottle.

Two treatments we may recommend for your child during these visits are fluoride and dental sealants. Fluoride is a painless, topical treatment that helps with the remineralization of tooth enamel to reduce cavities. Dental Sealants are placed over the chewing surface of molars which are often difficult to clean to prevent decay.

Children’s Dentistry – Orthodontic Evaluations

Sometime between the ages of 7-8, we may start evaluating your child for orthodontic treatment. Years ago, orthodontic treatment typically didn’t begin until the age of 13 or older. These days, we have begun to assess orthodontic needs at an early age which allows us to correct the root cause of malocclusion and treat it more effectively. We offer in house orthodontic treatment and are available to discuss these options when the time is right.

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We understand that all parents want the best for their children, which is why we are proud to provide comprehensive children’s dentistry services. If you are in the Brampton area, call us today at 855 393-0900.

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Your smile gives out your first impression so it needs to be protected with the best care available. For residents in the Mississauga area, Huron Dental Centre is the best place for quality dental care as we treat all our patients like our extended family. From mild issues such as oral cavities to complex dental surgeries, we provide comprehensive treatments that will suit you according to your unique conditions. Our team is led by Dr.Jameela Jifri who possesses more than two decades of dentistry experience. She and her highly skilled team of dentists who share the same values of compassion and friendly care when it comes to treating patients. Our services include but are not limited to general, cosmetic, orthodontics, children’s and emergency dentistry treatments. As we consider patients’ convenience at all times, we provide easy appointment hours including evenings and weekends, and the practice is located near Square One Shopping Mall with free parking facilities. We provide easy payment options and free consultations to help patients in need and we maintain a multilingual facility to approach all patients.

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