Gingivitis and periodontal disease treatment for oral health and wellness

Gingivitis Treatment Mississauga ON

Failing to take good care of your smile has serious consequences. This may include the development of periodontal disease, an infection that starts in the smile and cause significant damage to the natural teeth and gums. The earliest stage, known as gingivitis, requires treatment as soon as possible to keep the issue from developing into full-blown periodontitis. Dr. Jameela Jifri and her associates at Huron Dental Centre of Mississauga, Ontario, can educate you on how to avoid the growth of bacteria in the smile that contribute to gingivitis and gum disease. Knowing how to care for the smile and when … Continue reading

Mississauga dentist explains the signs and symptoms of gum disease

Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease Mississauga area

Gum disease is a common condition that affects millions of adults. At Huron Dental Centre in Mississauga, ON, we believe it’s important for individuals to know the signs and symptoms of the disease in order to catch it early when treatment is easier. Our team has years of experience diagnosing and effectively treating gum disease so our patients can enjoy a healthy smile. In the following article, we’ll explain the signs and symptoms of gum disease along with how we can prevent it. Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease One of the biggest concerns with gum disease is that many … Continue reading