How long does wisdom tooth extraction take?

How Long Does Wisdom Tooth Extraction Take in Mississauga ON Area

At Huron Dental Centre, Dr. Jameela Jifri and her associates in Mississauga, Ontario, offer solutions for those dealing with problems that stem from their third molars, otherwise known as the “wisdom teeth.” Wisdom teeth tend to become an issue for many individuals when they attempt to come through the gum line during the late teen or early adult years. Additionally, even if they do not become impacted underneath the gums, they can emerge and be difficult to clean, leaving the smile at risk for periodontal disease and tooth decay. In most situations, removal is necessary and may be performed at our … Continue reading

Can complete dentures be done in one day?

In Mississauga ON area - Replace Teeth

Complete dentures are a reliable and affordable way of replacing all the teeth in the dental arch. However, not everyone wants to wait for their dentures to be made after their teeth have been extracted. This will leave patients with no teeth to enjoy their favourite foods. Instead, our team at Huron Dental Care is pleased to offer same-day or “immediate” complete dentures for patients in the Mississauga, Ontario, area. Can complete dentures be done in one day? Absolutely! Our team can create immediate dentures that are made before removing the teeth that need extraction. This is done before extraction, so … Continue reading

Where can I get a free consultation appointment to talk about restorative dentistry and tooth replacement options?

Free Consultation in Mississauga ON area

At Huron Dental Centre, Dr. Jameela Jifri and her associates in Mississauga, Ontario, are committed to helping patients restore their smiles with quality restorative dental care and cosmetic solutions. Whether you need tooth replacement or restoration of a tooth that has experienced significant damage, they can assist! What services are offered by a restorative dentist near me? The team at Huron Dental Centre is dedicated to helping patients in and around the area with their oral health needs, including restorative solutions to repair the smile. Some of the restorative and cosmetic solutions available at our office include the following: Request … Continue reading

Dentist for dental crown replacement

Dentist for Crown Replacement Mississauga ON

Dental crowns are a common dental restoration used in many offices, including Huron Dental Centre of Mississauga, Ontario. Dr. Jameela Jifri and her associates are pleased to assist patients who may benefit from the fabrication and placement of a dental crown and provide services for crown replacement. Visiting the dentist with a chipped, broken, or loose dental crown allows our team to care for your smile and offer the repairs needed to improve your smile’s function, health, and appearance. The process of repairing dental crowns Dental crowns that are broken cannot usually be repaired, and instead, a dentist may remove … Continue reading

Gingivitis and periodontal disease treatment for oral health and wellness

Gingivitis Treatment Mississauga ON

Failing to take good care of your smile has serious consequences. This may include the development of periodontal disease, an infection that starts in the smile and cause significant damage to the natural teeth and gums. The earliest stage, known as gingivitis, requires treatment as soon as possible to keep the issue from developing into full-blown periodontitis. Dr. Jameela Jifri and her associates at Huron Dental Centre of Mississauga, Ontario, can educate you on how to avoid the growth of bacteria in the smile that contribute to gingivitis and gum disease. Knowing how to care for the smile and when … Continue reading

How do I manage pain after wisdom tooth removal?

Wisdom Tooth Pain Near Me Mississauga ON Area

The wisdom teeth, known in the dental industry as the third molars, are prone to complications. These are the last teeth to erupt in the smile and often become impacted due to lack of room. This can result in pain that requires the removal of the wisdom tooth. If you are seeking a dentist “near me” in the Mississauga, Ontario area who offers wisdom tooth removal, connect with our team at Huron Dental Centre! What can I expect after wisdom tooth removal? If you have had one or more wisdom teeth removed, you may want to ask your provider about aftercare instructions … Continue reading

Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

Dental Implants Near Me Mississauga ON Area

Dental implants are a popular way for patients to restore their smile after tooth loss or extraction. Mississauga, Ontario, area patients looking for dental implants “near me” may want to talk to the team at Huron Dental Centre. Our professionals provide surgery to place implants and replace missing teeth while ensuring a cosmetic appearance. Am I a good candidate for implants? At Huron Dental Centre, Dr. Jameela Jifri and her associates determine if patients are a good fit for dental implants when restoring the smile after tooth extraction and loss. The best candidates for dental implants are those with good … Continue reading

What happens during root canal therapy, and is it painful?

Is A Root Canal Painful in Mississauga ON Area

It is important to seek dental care as soon as possible if you experience tooth pain, sensitivity, swelling, or other persistent oral health issues. This is because many conditions that present with these problems can be addressed in their earliest stages and successfully intervened. With prompt diagnosis and treatment, our dentists at Huron Dental Centre of Mississauga, Ontario, can help protect your smile and provide long-lasting relief. This may be achieved by performing specific procedures, such as root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is a wonderful way to avoid extracting a tooth with significant damage or an infection. Continue reading … Continue reading

Replace a Single Tooth with a Quality Partial Denture

Single Tooth Partial Denture in Mississauga ON Area

You can replace a single tooth that is missing with one of many options. Some patients might benefit from a partial denture, while others may be fitted for a dental bridge. In specific cases where multiple teeth are missing, a full denture may be a better option to restore function and appearance. Dental implants are also used to replace one or more missing teeth, providing a permanent solution for tooth loss. Speak with Dr. Jameela Jifri and her associates at Huron Dental Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, about your best options. Let’s talk about single-tooth replacement in the smile using partial … Continue reading

Straight Smiles with Orthodontic Treatments from Huron Dental Centre

Straight Smiles Orthodontics in Mississauga ON Area

At Huron Dental Centre, we see many patients in and around Mississauga, Ontario, with certain dental needs. Dr. Jameela Jifri and her associates work hard to provide patients with the education they need to care for their smiles. Those who arrive at her office requesting solutions such as orthodontic work will be happy to find that she offers two methods of achieving straight smiles: traditional braces and Invisalign orthodontics. What Methods of Orthodontia are Available with the Team at Huron Dental Centre? Our team is pleased to offer traditional metal bracket-and-wire braces and clear aligner therapy called Invisalign. Read on … Continue reading